What Differentiates Your Company from the Rest?


The importance of having a distinguished brand

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company can no longer rely solely on performance, numbers and strategy to connect with investors. With the industry as a whole driving efficiencies and every company reporting stronger and stronger results, it takes a distinguished brand to connect with investors and stay at the front of their minds when they are making their investment decisions.

It is no longer enough to let the numbers do all the talking for a company. In a complex investment environment which increasingly involves activists, your company’s performance and strategy must be presented within the framework of an overall story: what does the company stand for? What is its core value proposition? In short, what is your company’s brand?

Leaving these questions unanswered allows room for other people to define the messaging around your company, especially in a highly politicized industry such as oil and gas.

Emotional triggers such as trust, convenience, quality, and social responsibility influence today’s investors. It’s a whole new world in investor relations, and you need a branding partner that knows how to create a successful brand in today’s climate. Collaborate with us, and the proof will be in the profit.

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Tips for improving your brand

It’s more than just a logo

Developing a brand, new or old, is more than just picking colors and updating your logo. Every avenue of communication that your company uses, from business cards to invoices, will carry your brand, and if you treat it like a stamp you simply slap on everything that goes out the door, then your audience will perceive your image to be as flimsy as the paper it’s printed on.

Your brand should be a complex series of distinctions that are built upon every day, internally and outside your organization. EnerCom helps its clients to identify what sets their brand apart from the competition and then develops that into impactful collateral to let your audience know your company has a story and substance.

We can help you with your stationary, strategic messaging for all your communications including social media, website, investor presentation, print and digital advertising, as well as technical illustrations. Anything and everything that tells a piece of your company’s story should tie back to your brand and reinforce the core values of your company.

Remember that your company lives its brand. Branding is more than updating your logos, it involves a commitment from your organization to live its brand promises and build trust with investors and clients. Doing so will create a company that stands out in the minds of people anytime they see something as small as a business card or your letterhead.

If you’re ready to make your brand stand out in the mind of investors and clients, call EnerCom today at (303)495.0633.