You Have a Message, but is it Reaching the Right People?


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People spend a lot of time crafting their message. They understand that it takes a certain amount of thought to put into words what sets their business apart, and to make sure they stick in peoples’ minds. But they often forget just how important the delivery can be.

Having the perfect message amounts to nothing if you can’t deliver it to the right audience. All you’ll end up doing is shouting into the void, hearing the echo of your own voice.

EnerCom has spent more than 20 years developing the relationships and infrastructure to help the oil and gas industry reach the right audiences, and we offer help to clients in finding the most direct channels to the people they need to reach. To that end, we work with print and online publications, T.V. networks, and even have our own proprietary publishing platform in Oil & Gas 360® to reach the right audience with the perfect message.

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Trade publications are a great way to get your message to a targeted audience with a focused message.  Once a client knows what message they want to put in front of people, we can help them decide on the right publication to reach their targets, and work with the publications to get the story into the magazine effectively.

When a story calls for a wider audience, we can also help place articles in larger publications like the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s to ensure an even larger distribution. These publications present thought-leadership opportunities for companies looking to represent the wider industry. Stories in these publications tend to take a wider focus and set companies apart from their peers as sources of leading ideas in the business.

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Print publications are far from the only avenue available to our clients, however. EnerCom has built up a substantial audience in the oil and gas sector as well as the investment community over the years, and we bring all of those eyes to Oil & Gas 360® on a daily basis. Through our publishing platform, we are able to fully control the message, who it reaches, and see the audience’s engagement. This level of control allows us not only to make sure that your message is read by a targeted audience, it also lets us know exactly who inside of that audience read it, and might be interested in a follow-up call.

Another benefit offered to clients that choose to message through Oil & Gas 360® is access to the inboxes of our 40,000 subscribers. We can break down our audience into specific segments such as Permian Basin E&P operators, making it easy for a service company to get directly in front of the decision makers who are looking to purchase more completion horsepower. This level of targeting allows you to sharpen your message even further and ensure that it connects with your audience in even more powerful ways.

Ready for the big screen

For those stories that have especially wide-ranging effects, we can also help clients get on networks like Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox. We have spent the time cultivating trust with network producers to help our clients get their stories in front of every eye watching a T.V. so that all they need to worry about is delivering their message on point.

EnerCom offers media training to help management teams prepare for questions once on air. Networks will likely ask questions that get away from specifics on your company such as “where do you see prices heading,” that can detract from the marketing value of your air time, but we have taught a number of management teams how to answer a question and tie it back to their operations, maintaining the focus on their company.

Let’s get social

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not just something your kids are using.  According to Pew Research Center, 10 years ago, 7% of the U.S. population used one or more social networking sites. Now that figure has increased almost tenfold, to 65%, and of those who use the internet, 76% of American’s use social media.

Pew Research Center found a nearly tenfold increase in social media use from 2005 to 2015

From investors to land owners, your target market can be reached through social media channels. With so many different options in social media, it can be difficult to narrow your focus to the social media channels that matter to your target audience. An important part of using social media channels is authenticity, and speaking to your audience on their level. EnerCom can help identify the channels where your audience spends its time and hone your delivery so that it matches their expectations for social media communications.

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If you’re not sure who your audience is, or even if you have the right message, don’t worry. We can help you start-to-finish in developing and delivering your message. Contact the experts at EnerCom to start reaching exactly the people looking for your message today.

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