Stratigraphic Illustrations Win the Energy Audience


In the oil and gas business when you have to describe a complex technical topic to a mixed audience, wouldn’t you rather let a custom stratigraphic illustration drive home your point?

The process is simple: using a client’s internal maps, wireline logs, seismic or hand-drawn sketches, EnerCom’s designers will craft an image that helps your team tell the company’s story in visual detail that will enhance any presentation.

Best of all, when completed, the image is yours.  This means that there are no hooks, royalties, licenses, or restricted use agreements. After all, you’re providing us the idea you want to illustrate, and you’re paying us, so we think the image should be yours to use however you want.

Take your story to the next level with technical illustrations from EnerCom Inc.

EnerCom has a deep and talented team of in-house graphic designers, led by Lucas Oxoteguy. This team has designed and written award-winning annual reports, websites for public companies, for energy capital providers and for private companies like Netherland SewellFifth Creek Energy and Preng & Associates.

So just like our energy-focused websites and annual reports, we build unique stratigraphic images for companies who want to tell their stories with a little extra geologic flare.

Whatever story you are hoping to tell, the experts at EnerCom can help you decide what you would like in your image and create a visual that stands out in the mind of everyone who sees it in your company’s materials.

Call EnerCom at 303.296.8834 to begin developing your technical illustration today!