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ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance

Growing public expectations around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has increased the emphasis by investors on making investments in companies that are actively addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns, more focused on sustainability, and pursuing good corporate citizenship.

There is growing evidence that positive ESG activities can contribute to a company’s long-term financial performance and create competitive advantages, including a more stable and broader investor base; a lower cost of capital; Improved recruiting and employee engagement; enhanced social license to operate within communities; and deeper stakeholder loyalty.

ESG Peer Comparison &
Positioning Report

ESG ratings can vary dramatically between rating agencies due to differences in methodology, subjective interpretation, market cap size, location or industry. ESG Is not an exact science.

The journey starts here. Understanding how your company compares to industry peers and companies in other industry segments, as well as considering stakeholder (employees, community) and investor perceptions of your company’s ESG activities, provides an invaluable baseline for creating and monitoring your ESG strategy.

ESG Best Practices &
Action Plan

Rating agencies rely on public information to cull data for ESG scoring.

It’s critical for a company to understand the broadly accepted ESG metric categories and identify best practices and constructive actions for addressing areas of improvement. Establishing a plan for achieving improvements and communicating the effectiveness of your activities will help improve ESG scoring.

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

(Digital and Print)

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report serves to improve the transparency of your company’s business activities and how they impact your communities and the environment. The report provides a method to externally communicate company sustainability and accountability goals and measure and share the progress with accurate and insightful data with stakeholders.

A well-designed report provides a critical information resource for new investors and communicates the quality of your company to existing stakeholders. In addition, the report provides a platform to systematically communicate ESG performance.

ESG is vital to companies seeking to maximize shareholder returns and create long-term stakeholder value. EnerCom can help clients understand, enhance and more effectively communicate their ESG efforts to stakeholders to maintain, or improve, their ESG score and CSR profile.

Identifying strategic ESG risk and opportunities can be difficult – it is all about materiality and is an ongoing process. EnerCom’s Sustained Action CSR Support will help you evaluate, create, quantify, and manage your corporate CSR/ESG strategy and communicate your progress and results with broad, consistent and intentional messaging through traditional and digital channels.