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Fulcrum Energy Capital

The Fulcrum Energy Capital Funds rebrand came as part of the firm’s natural evolution and rapid growth. Previously named after the firm’s President and Founder, the client needed a new brand that it could grow into and would not only communicate that they are a sophisticated team of experts in the energy industry, but remove the personal name association the client felt confined the brand. The next steps after the name change included a fully new logo design, website rebrand, and a full suite of branded stationery to communicate the firm’s new face to all its stakeholders. The new Fulcrum colors transformed the entire look and feel of the once dark website and brought a much-needed lightness to the brand. EnerCom marketing consultants led the development of a “News” blog page on the site to host a series of press releases written by EnerCom’s media arm used for inbound marketing. The creation of templated email campaigns built in line with Fulcrum’s leadership and communicated out on behalf of the client on a monthly basis are another key practice that have solidified Fulcrum’s brand awareness efforts and lead generation efforts.

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Brand Strategy & Brand DevelopmentBrand Stationery Web Design & Web Development