EnerCom Designs Award-Winning Annual Reports for the Oil & Gas Industry

Giving your company a voice: Outstanding graphics.  Precise language.  Deliver your story to investors with maximum impact.

Standing out amongst 100,000 publicly traded companies to attract investors can be a difficult proposition. Even with the right assets, good operational metrics, and a strong management team, your company can end up as just another meaningless name in a sea of competitors unless you have the right branding and messaging.

Smart oil and gas companies use their annual reports as a strategic marketing tool. With the slap of a full-color book on the conference room table, you cut through the noise and deliver your company’s key message with strength and style. Whether you’re talking to investors, institutions or a potential M&A target company, when you hand the decision maker a full-color, award-winning annual report, you’ve just raised your company to the top of the ladder. A high-quality annual report allows management to share their goals and accomplishments with capital markets decision makers in a respected format.

Since its founding in 1994, EnerCom has written, designed and managed the production of more than 200 annual reports for public oil and gas companies, balancing cutting-edge graphic design with diligent, cost-driven project management – from initial concept meeting to press checks and shipping.

Digital Annual Reports | Microsites that stands out:

In lieu of the traditional annual report, digital annuals are quickly become the industry norm and key for engaging the tech-savvy shareholder audience. Digital annuals are easily viewed across all devices and give your company another opportunity to engage investors through your marketing and operational messages.

Advantages over print versions:

  • They can be cheaper to produce
  • Allow companies to use video, interactive features, and dynamic graphics.
  • They can track analytic data — how many people actually open the reports and what pages are most visited.

Controlling your message and cutting through the noise

Starting with the cover, a company’s annual report tells a story. It makes the first impression. It provides insight into the thinking and priorities of the organization’s leadership and weaves large-scale graphics, quality illustrations, and first-class photography into its storytelling.

Developing those elements properly can create a powerful calling card for your company, and help you stand out in the eyes of investors.

To learn more about how EnerCom can help you create this piece of high-level marketing material, click here. or call us at 303.296.8834. For more examples check our portfolio.