Know the Value of Your Investment

The current commodity cycle is a reminder that the oil and gas sector is dynamic and fundamentals are subject to change without notice. With change comes opportunity and the need for an expert with more information and experience in valuation. EnerCom is an oil and gas valuation expert. Investments in private (or illiquid) energy companies carry more perceived risk than public equity or debt, because of informational opaqueness, uncertainty surrounding the economics of a company’s specific operations, asset quality, condition of the capital markets, company capital structure, management quality, commodity markets and macroeconomic trends.  Limited partner investors should be asking for more, not less information from their general partners.

EnerCom’s Process is Supported by Proprietary Data, Analysis & Market Insight

We believe that the market dynamics demand more frequent valuations of private company investments that reflect current market conditions, not just the value of the last financing.  Higher risk makes an independent valuation of your investments in private companies a vital element for both differentiating your platforms with institutions when raising funds and maintaining their long-term confidence.

EnerCom’s valuation practice is built on proprietary valuation models, industry intelligence and long-term relationships. Our guidance is based on the bedrock of objective operational and financial data subjected to rigorous analysis and assumptions that are checked and confirmed in the market. EnerCom brings to the table:

  • Exclusive focus on the energy sector backed-up by our 25+ years of industry experience, proprietary databases and pricing models
  • A multi-year, multi-quarter proprietary database of more than 155 U.S. and Canadian E&P, 80 oilfield service companies and 40 MLP infrastructure companies with financial and operational metrics
  • Proprietary benchmarking indexes
  • SFAS 157 Fair Value Measurements and IAS 39 Financial Instruments compliant
  • A team of valuation specialists experienced in valuing companies at all stages of corporate maturity using proven methodologies and documentation
  • Professionals plugged into the industry, working daily with oil and gas companies, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the business

EnerCom’s valuation and analytic services can provide the trusted independence and data you and your investors need so that you can keep your eyes on identifying opportunities and generating returns. To better understand the value of your investment, contact Dan Genovese at [email protected]