Q&A with Dan Genovese

What is your role at EnerCom?

I’ve been a director at EnerCom since 2019, and have been working with clients on corporate strategy, investor relations and communications, emerging company capitalization and marketing, ESG, media and stakeholder relations.

What is your background in Oil & Gas?

I began my career in finance with Janus, Black Creek Capital and Starwood Capital, then transitioned into the energy industry, serving in senior upstream and downstream positions with Chesapeake Energy.

What keeps you engaged and excited about the energy industry?

I’m passionate about working with emerging and disruptive energy technology, alternative energy and innovative companies in traditional oil and gas and innovative companies that can help the traditional oil and gas industry evolve.

What is top-of-mind for you right now?

I’m currently planning The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by EnerCom and Colorado School of Mines. My interest in new technology within the energy space is why I’m the point person for this event. The Summit is a unique investment conference opportunity for start-up ventures to present their business thesis to a captive audience of institutional and venture fund investors and strategic partners.

Who should go to The Energy Venture Investment Summit?

The goal of the Summit is simple: bring emerging companies and great ideas in front of capital and industry. All qualified investors are invited to attend, at no cost, and can register on the website. Companies with new and innovative technologies and ideas in the energy space are invited to present at the Summit. Past EnerCom conference participants included companies operating in the renewable natural gas, environmental air monitoring, sustainable gas compression, geothermal energy, advanced oil and gas technology, environmental monitoring and sustainability and carbon capture and recycling.

The 2022 Summit is an in-person event on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in beautiful Golden, Colorado held on Wednesday, February 16–Thursday, February 17, 2022.

Learn more about The Energy Venture Investment Summit and how to participate at theenergyventuresummit.com.

Contact Dan Genovese at [email protected].