Q&A with Todd Hattenbach

When did you join EnerCom, and what is your role?

I joined the EnerCom team as a director in April 2024. I advise clients on all facets of corporate communications, investor relations, corporate valuation analysis, and visual communications. My expertise is in oil and gas and power generation business development, project evaluation, due diligence, corporate finance, financial planning and analysis, and capital advisory.

What is your background?

My bachelor’s degree is in International Business, and my master’s is in International Studies, specifically Economics. I have over 30 years of diverse financial experience that has included corporate and retail banking (CoBank and Alpine Bank), energy infrastructure development (Enron Corp), private equity investing (SFC Energy Partners), FP&A for power generation equipment leasing (Flex Leasing Power and Service), corporate finance (Dish Networks), and a wide array of services provided to the energy sector as an independent consultant.

What was your most formative position(s)?

I grew up in a household where oil, gas, and related activities were always discussed. My father worked as a chemical engineer and project developer for Phillips Petroleum Company, and he was always excited about his work, and his excitement carried over to me. He even took our family on a side trip during a vacation to see a drilling operation. My professional introduction to the energy industry started when I joined Enron Corporation in 1996 as an analyst in the Enron International (EI) division. I was fortunate to have a boss who sent me out to three of the company’s power plants to learn how they operated so that I could analyze their operating costs. I was hooked by that point. Enron encouraged its analysts to rotate through different teams to learn different facets of the industry and thereby better help the company with its business operations. After my year with EI, I joined Enron Mexico Corp and continued working on developing power plants, specifically in Mexico. My final two years with Enron were with a mezzanine finance group that invested in oil and gas projects and companies. This group enabled me to learn how to evaluate oil and gas drilling projects and pipeline projects economically. Based on how Enron wound up, you might not believe that Enron was keenly focused on identifying and mitigating risk in all its investments, so I also learned how to look for and quantify risks in any project or investment.

What do you hope to bring to EnerCom?

I see myself as able to provide our clients with honest and insightful observations regarding their projects and needs, whether it is due diligence, corporate finance, investor relations, or otherwise. I am excited to have this opportunity to serve our clients and expand EnerCom’s services with my knowledge and expertise.

What are new areas of interest that appeal to you?

EnerCom is increasingly involved with transitional energy clients, helping them with project analysis, capital advisory, and investor relations. I welcome the opportunity to broaden my knowledge base in areas such as hydrogen, renewables, and technology. Oil and gas have always been a fascinating industry, and I believe these new energy sources will likewise hold the same fascination.

Do you have a question for Todd?

Get in touch at [email protected] or by calling (720) 256.5941.