What Makes a Great Oil and Gas Website?

Every EnerCom website is built to be findable, searchable and compatible.

With more than 100 oil and gas websites designed and built by EnerCom, we have found that an effective website needs three things: It must be findable, searchable and compatible.

Findable: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer a buzzword – it’s commonplace. And if your website is not following basic rules, guidelines and suggestions from search engines such as Google and Yahoo, potential visitors have to work that much harder to find you!

Searchable: Is your website easy to navigate? No one likes a messy website. “I can’t find their recent presentation”, “Where is the annual report”, “How do I sign up for E-Mail alerts”. User Experience (UX) ensures investors find what they need on your website in a timely manner.

Compatible: Just like you – visitors are on-the-go! Owning a non-mobile friendly website is doing more harm than good to your business. More than ever, people are using iPads, iPhones, Droids, and other mobile technologies to research you. Our websites are built to be Device Agnostic (DA) – no matter what device – your website content is accessible.

How to Keep Website Costs Down

To keep design costs from escalating, work with someone that is committed to working with clients to do as much advance planning as we can—on paper—before we unleash graphic designers and web designers to build your site. Making changes on paper is cheap, but after a design has been created and converted to HTML throughout the site, making changes means a costly start-over and committing to additional hours of design. There should always be a point-person to aggregate your company’s thoughts and direction as to avoid contradicting desires.

Questions to answer at the beginning of development for an oil and gas website:

  1. What are our objectives for the website?
  2. Who is our desired audience?
  3. What message do we want to convey about our company with the design/look/theme of the site?
  4. How should we organize the site to give our audience quick, easy access to the information they seek?
  5. Will new graphics need to be created (logo/brand/image)?
  6. Is content for all the pages already available and written; if not who will gather all the information and write the content for each page of the website?
  7. Do we have specific technical requirements such as automated data feeds for press releases, or customer portals?
  8. Who is going to maintain and update the site after it has been launched?

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